sweet, exotic and intoxicating

shh...no names
15 June
Have you ever tried plum wine? If so, you'll understand the title and the ID: sweet, exotic and intoxicating. On the tongue, it's like honey or mead...so sweet it's almost overwhelming. In essence, it seems to come from a far-off place...somewhere unimaginable, somewhere too beautiful to describe. In action, it transports you so quickly, you feel as if you're lifted out of yourself...lightheaded, swimming, drifting into another state of consciousness.

So What Am I, really? In the simplest of terms, and the most convenient of definitions, I am:

GameBoy's beloved wife. TallGirl's best friend. A Fat Girl (tm). A Hot Bi Babe (tm). A wordsmith and bookworm. A knit-wit. A great cook. Lots of fun in bed and out. Way too smart for my own damn good. Way too quirky for everyone else's.

Just read the journal...I may not update it that often, but eventually you'll learn everything you ever needed to know and more...

I've been friends-only here for a while now...so if you're on my flist and don't see anything for a long time, don't worry - you're more than likely not missing a thing. :)

Who's that really hot guy in your icons?
In "smart is sexy" and "smarter than you," that's Alton Brown, host of the Food Network's Good Eats and author of I'm Just Here for the Food and I'm Just Here for More Food. A food nerd and a science nerd combined...and he's heaven on the eyes. I borrowed "smart is sexy" from hackabeesh, and "smarter than you" from courtknee, who posted them in we_love_alton. And finally, the un-spectacled AB is courtesy of hjsnapepm.